• Loss of Hearing and TMJ Dysfunction

    By Kevin Pickett | 25 Mar 2017 | 0 Comments

    Have you ever wondered why you sometimes have difficulty chewing, feel some pain or tenderness around your jaw, or have a hard time opening or closing your mouth? These symptoms might be temporary or occur for just a short period of time.

  • Yellow Teeth: Should You Be Worried?

    By Kevin Pickett | 18 Mar 2017 | 0 Comments

    Yellow teeth can sometimes be a detrimental factor in our search for perfect teeth. At times, they even affect a person’s confidence in terms of dealing with other people. In case you have been wondering if teeth discoloration can still be corrected, let us first take a look at the factors that cause tooth staining and discoloration.

  • What to Look Forward to with Braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 24 Feb 2017 | 0 Comments

    If you are one of those people who feel a twinge of envy for those gifted with perfect, white teeth since birth, it is perfectly normal. Especially if you start looking at the mirror and begin noticing those little gaps, crooked or crowded teeth, and many other orthodontic problems. There are various ways you can deal with this matter. You go on with your life.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Detoxify Your Body

    By Kevin Pickett | 09 Feb 2017 | 0 Comments

    Oral health is associated with the healthy functions of the rest of your body, so we ask what are the benefits associated with detoxifying the body? This is just one of the many questions many people ask themselves when the topic of detoxification comes to mind. So does it have health benefits? Well, the simple answer to this question is YES...

  • Smoking and Oral Health Consequences

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    Tobacco use is the number one leading cause of death - nicotine kills more than 480,000 people ever year, with the average age of a user starting in their young adulthood. Smoking can have significant health issues on your body, but how does it affect your oral health?

  • Can Orthodontics Help TMJ?

    By Kevin Pickett | 14 Jan 2017 | 0 Comments

    TMJ is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint and causes jaw and bite alignment problems. This joint, the connection between the lower jaw (mandible) and the skull, helps with rotating the jaw, as well as opening and closing it, and sliding it from side to side and front to back.

  • Early Intervention Starts Now

    By Kevin Pickett | 26 Dec 2016 | 0 Comments

    It is never too late to start thinking about your little one’s dental health. Your child is growing up, and getting them into the habit of brushing and caring for their incoming teeth is incredibly important. Your little ones also start to self-soothe themselves, and while it is comforting for them it can cause major dental problems in the future.

  • Here Comes Santa Floss

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    While it is incredibly important for you to floss every day to keep those braces shiny and new, Santa wants you to have healthy teeth for your awesome Christmas pictures.

  • Braces OFF Party!

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    The moment has arrived …the one you’ve been counting down the days to on your wall calendar for the last few years. The day you’ve planned to take a million selfies. The day you never need to cut your food into small pieces again or eat soft food, in general. The day you know that all the pain your mouth suffered through would be worth it.

  • What Are You Thankful For?

    By Kevin Pickett | 14 Nov 2016 | 0 Comments

    This Thanksgiving season, after we’ve enjoyed a family dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole—all braces friendly, we invite you to take a minute to think about what you’re most thankful for. Maybe it’s a family member, one of your friends,

  • Braces Safe Halloween Treats

    By Kevin Pickett | 25 Oct 2016 | 0 Comments

    With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important for our patients with braces to remember what types of candy and treats are safe. The American Association of Orthodontists provides a simple sheet that describes below just a few “ortho-friendly treats,”

  • The Science of Teeth

    By Kevin Pickett | 11 Oct 2016 | 0 Comments

    Science isn’t always potions and formulas, and teeth don’t always work like they should at first. Teeth that don’t come in straight can impact the way we eat and speak.

  • Broken Bracket and Poking Wires

    By Kevin Pickett | 28 Sep 2016 | 0 Comments

    On occasion, you may have a broken bracket or a poking wire. In situations such as these, remember that dental wax will be your best friend, that is until you visit us to fix the problem

  • Your Emergency Braces Kit

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    Don’t get caught without the necessities. Keep these 10 items on you, or in your locker, while you wear braces and

  • Playing an Instrument

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    Are you in the band or play a horn type instrument? If you are and are concerned how wearing braces will affect your ability to play your instrument,

  • Back to School College

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    When we think about back to school, we generally think about anyone who hasn’t graduated high school yet as “going back to school.” But there are many college students returning at just around the same time our young one’s return.

  • Tips for Rising High-Schoolers

    By Kevin Pickett | 30 Jul 2016 | 0 Comments

    Okay, so for a non-braces related post, we wanted to touch on a subject that’s on the minds of many Pickett patients—high school!

  • Braces Discomfort

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    The day the braces are tightened or bands switched out to a new pattern can be a day of discomfort. As you know, we need to get those teeth moved so you can have that beautiful smile!

  • Braces Friendly Meals

    By Kevin Pickett | 25 Jun 2016 | 0 Comments

    Wearing braces can be an adjustment when planning meals but thankfully we have the internet to talk to new friends who wear braces. There are even YouTube channels dedicated to “Braces Friendly Meals.”

  • Flossing with Braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 12 Jun 2016 | 0 Comments

    The first week you begin wearing full braces, you may experience an adjustment period and have a few questions. You already know the list of foods you can and cannot eat. You also know about how to brush your braces the proper way, but there’s one thing left for you to master—flossing!

  • Summer Fun

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    Summer is here and what better way to spend your days off from school than by the pool, where staying cool, hydrated and free of sunburn are the only things on your mind.

  • Pickett Orthodontist

    By Kevin Pickett | 10 May 2016 | 0 Comments

    Pickett Orthodontist

  • #Throwbackthursday

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    Kids, you may have heard the story of when mom or dad, grandma or grandpa were teenager’s and wore big braces. The story has the same ending each time, “you’re lucky to be wearing these new and improved braces.”

  • Keep That Smile Perfect!

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    The day you’re scheduled to have your braces taken off is the day you’ve been looking forward to for two or more years. You can finally eat popcorn and spaghetti without needing to cut the noodles into smaller bites.

  • 5 main benefits of straightening your teeth!

    By Kevin Pickett | 11 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments

    One of the main reasons people straighten their teeth is to give a more aesthetically pleasing smile. So many people have to hide their mouths with their hands when they smile or laugh from sheer embarrassment of their teeth.

  • Convey More with Color: What Colors of Braces Should You Choose?

    By Kevin Pickett | 05 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments

    You’ve embraced the idea that you’re going to have braces the next couple of years. In fact, now you want to have a little fun with them. You’ve heard you can choose from several colors of braces. So how does the color get added and which color should you choose?

  • Best Foods to Eat With New Braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 25 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    With new braces, you may notice that your mouth feels a little different after they’re first put on. To make your transition a little smoother, you may want to change your eating habits for the first few days while you get used to your new braces...

  • Retention

    By Kevin Pickett | 19 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    Upon completion of your active orthodontic treatment there is much to celebrate. However, all of the work is not done. The retention period is just as important as the active movement phase of your treatment process. Once the teeth have been moved into the desir ed position, a period of time is needed to stabilize the teeth so that the surrounding bone and soft tissues conform to your new dental alignment.

  • Tips For Adults With Braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 12 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    When you have braces on teeth, those teeth need extra attention to protect them from decay, staining and gum disease. You should also take precautions to avoid damaging the braces. For example, activities to avoid include eating chewy or sticky sweets, eating hard or crunchy foods,..

  • 15 Myths and Facts About Cavities

    By Kevin Pickett | 09 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    “The truth is, acid produced by bacteria in your mouth is the cause of cavities,” says Kimberly A. Harms, DDS, an American Dental Association spokeswoman.

  • So You Want To Pierce Your Tongue?

    By Kevin Pickett | 04 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    Oral piercing can cause pain, swelling, infection, drooling, taste loss, scarring, chipped teeth and tooth loss. Most dentists discourage oral piercing because of these risks.

  • How To Brush Your Teeth, Floss And Eat Properly For Optimal Dental Health

    By Kevin Pickett | 01 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments

    Have you ever wondered whether you have overlooked important steps in oral hygiene practices? In addition to taking good care of your own oral health, it's also your duty as a parent to pass on good dental practices to your children. Sometimes, ..

  • How To Tell If You Have Bad Breath

    By Kevin Pickett | 27 Jan 2016 | 0 Comments

    The sinking feeling you have that the sandwich you just ate might be lingering on your breath is as common as it is distracting. It may even be a hot day and you haven't had as much water as you'd like, leaving you worried your mouth's dryness might smell unpleasant.

  • When Overbite Correction Can Be Beneficial

    By Kevin Pickett | 16 Jan 2016 | 0 Comments

    There's something pleasing to the eyes about a clean, white and perfectly aligned set of teeth. Turn on the TV, flip open a magazine or head to the movies and you're inundated with picture-perfect smiles. But not everyone's teeth are like that from the start; many kids and adults suffer from a malocclusion, one type of which is an overbite.

  • When should my child first see a dentist

    By Kevin Pickett | 07 Dec 2015 | 0 Comments

    New parents often ask, "When should my child first see a dentist?" The short answer is "First visit by first birthday." That's the view of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatricians agree. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children who are at risk of early childhood cavities visit a pediatric dentist by age 1.

  • Can adult wear braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 12 Nov 2015 | 0 Comments

    Braces aren't just for teenagers. No matter your age, it's never too late to improve your dental health and beautify your smile. About 1 million Americans and Canadians over the age of 18 wear braces. As a result, general dentists today are...


    By Kevin Pickett | 16 Oct 2015 | 0 Comments

    Healthy teeth are important, even baby teeth. Children need healthy teeth to help them chew and speak clearly. Also baby teeth hold space for the larger adult teeth, if baby teeth have to be removed due to cavities than it is likely that the

  • Basic knowledge about Dental Braces

    By Kevin Pickett | 11 Sep 2015 | 0 Comments

    If braces are indeed the solution for you, the dentist or orthodontist will prescribe an appliance specific for your needs.

  • Children Care: The Tooth Decay Process – How to reserve it and avoid a Cavity

    By Kevin Pickett | 28 Aug 2015 | 0 Comments

    You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in a tooth. But did you know that a cavity is the result of the tooth decay process that happens over time?

  • Keep your children’s teeth healthy

    By Kevin Pickett | 12 Aug 2015 | 0 Comments

    When should I schedule my child's first trip to the dentist? Should my 3-year-old be flossing? How do I know if my child needs braces?

  • What is Orthodontics?

    By Kevin Pickett | 23 Jul 2015 | 0 Comments

    Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. Crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease ....

  • Types of Retainers: Pros and Cons

    By Kevin Pickett | 09 Jul 2015 | 0 Comments

    It's exciting to finally get your braces off and move into the retainer stage. Here are a few things you should know about the different types of retainers.

  • Orthognathic Surgery Treatment & Management

    By Kevin Pickett | 15 Jun 2015 | 0 Comments

    The elements of the facial skeleton can be repositioned, redefining the face through a variety of well-established osteotomies, including Le Fort I-type osteotomy, Le Fort II-type osteotomy, Le Fort III-type osteotomy, maxillary segmental osteotomies, sagittal split osteotomy of the mandibular ramus, vertical ramal osteotomy, inverted L and C osteotomies, mandibular body segmental osteotomies, and mandibular symphysis osteotomies.

  • 11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Invisalign

    By Kevin Pickett | 11 Jun 2015 | 0 Comments

    I’m 26 years old, and for years, every time I see a celebrity or a person crack open a mouth full of perfectly straight teeth, I can’t help but feel envious and a little upset that my teeth don’t look that way. Even after braces, my teeth have never been flawless. I’m plagued with an open bite. This means 20 out of 24 of my teeth have significant ...